Two Proposals Led to One Gorgeous Garden Wedding


Two Proposals Led to One Gorgeous Garden Wedding


Patricia & Arielle

Patricia proposed to Arielle one night while they were playing Scrabble (Arielle's favorite game). Arielle had no idea it was coming since they had spent all day doing yard work. Patricia hid the ring in the letter bag while Arielle wasn’t looking, and to Patricia's surprise it took almost the entire game for her to pull the ring out. Before Patricia knew it she was in front of her, asking Arielle to spend her life with her.

Arielle proposed to Patricia two months later after she had returned from a trip to Minnesota. Arielle had put together a sign of glow in the dark stars with Patricia's family, and cut a Harry Potter book to the chapter “The unbreakable vow”, as the ring box (Patricia's favorite series to date). Patricia turned the lights down for bed that night and as the room fell dark, “Marry Me” was glowing above them, and Arielle was there with the book and ring.


The Location

In Farmington Gardens, Connecticut, the beauty of the scenery mixed with the colors, white, ivory, pink, and forest, leave a lovely lasting memory on this beautiful day.

The reception had original ideas from coffee in hand-stamped burlap bags as favors, to the room lit up with tea lights and lights inside mason jars, and the Oreo dessert bar were great personal touches.

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