Wedding Under the Palms


Wedding Under the Palms


Chad & Daniel

As you could imagine, Chad & Daniel have such a big story that has become more and more unbelievable as time goes on." - Paul, Paul Douda Photography

On their wedding day, Daniel sent several gifts throughout the day that all meant something different in their relationship. The last gift was during his vows - he told the story about their first trip together in Pacific Beach, Daniel stepped away for a moment because there was something he saw that he needed to buy. Note, this was in the first few months of them dating. He bought it and was saving it for the perfect time to gift to Chad. Their wedding was that perfect time. Daniel pulled out a two groom wedding cake topper from his pocket that he had bought 11 years earlier and gifted Chad his final wedding gift of the day


It's All In The Details

Chad & Daniel had a lovely color scheme of red, black, navy, forest, white, and green. This palette made for a fabulous wedding!

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