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    Engagement announcements must be received at least six weeks before the wedding. Announcements are posted online on Saturdays at www.LGBTWeddings.com and a link of the announcement will be emailed to you.

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    All announcements are subject to editing for style and content.

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    If provided, a color photograph of the couple will be used. LGBTWeddings.com reserves the right to reject photos that do not meet quality standards.

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    LGBTWeddings.com intends to share the love and joy wedding engagements bring to couples. By submitting this form, you agree that your image and story will be shared in a public forum.

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  • Removal of Engagement Announcements may only be made by request of the submission contact, or the couple specifically.

  • Engagement Announcements typically remain public for a total of 180 days, before being archived.

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