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The right theme will help you make your dream wedding come true. Selecting a theme for your wedding is not required; but, a theme will help keep the many parts of your wedding on track and aesthetically harmonious with your wedding style. If you prefer a traditional, classic wedding theme, great! This information will help your planner, cake artist, floral and decor vendors, even your entertainment vendors tailor their products and services to your tastes.

How do I choose a wedding theme?

When thinking about themes, be sure you and your partner are in agreement. The theme should represent the two of you and the things you each find important. A good theme can represent a shared interest, showcase each of your styles, or honor special religious or cultural traditions. Do you both love literature? Are you avid fans of the symphony? Do you prefer warm rustic styles or wild and whimsical themes? Below are some wedding theme ideas. This is far from a complete list. The possibilities are endless. This is merely to get your creative juices flowing.

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