10 Creative Ways to Ask Your Bestie to be Your Bridesmaid, Groomsmaid, Man of Honor, Maid of Honor, I Do Crew Leader, or whatever you title your bestie for your big moment!

Congratulations! You’re officially engaged, but you’re not the last person who will get proposed to before you walk down the aisle. That’s right! “Bridesmaid & Groomsmaid proposals” are one of the most popular trends in the wedding industry. Asking your best friend or family member to be your maid of honor, man of honor, bromie, or bridesmaid is such a special moment.  We have come up with a few ideas to make your proposal super sweet!

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Create a gift basket

This is one of the best ways to show that you know each of your future wedding party peeps personally. Create a cute basket with all of their favorite snacks, treats, beauty products, etc. along with a handwritten note asking, “Will you be my bridesmaid, groomsmaid, etc?” You can hand deliver these boxes or ship them across the country. For best results, send them all at the same time!

Sparkling wine party

Throw a wine night

Are wine nights your thing? Invite everyone over and gift everyone a bottle of their favorite wine with custom labels reading, “Will you be my wedding peeps?” Toasts are sure to follow.


Send a scratch-off card


Do you have potential bridesmaids across the country, but you still want to do a fun proposal? A custom scratch-off card with the message “Will you be part of my I Do Crew?” can be a surprising way of asking via mail.  We found these and thought they were perfect for lucky proposals.


fortune cookie

Break open fortune cookies


This is a cute and creative way to throw your future bridesmaid off the trail. No one will expect the request to come out of a future cookie. All you have to do is invite your friends over for takeout Chinese food and hand out custom-made fortune cookies with “Will you be my Best Woman?” inside. It’ll be a hit!


Gift them a robe


Do you plan to get ready in robes with your wedding party on the day of your wedding? Give them a robe with “Team I Do” on the back to let them know you want them in the wedding party. This is a great way to ask and a great way to gift them something they’ll need down the road should they accept!


Use a wax seal set


Who are your friends that you need by your side for this big day?! Purchase wax seal stamp kits for each of your wedding party peeps and gift them this cute set with a note that says, “We can’t seal the deal without you! Will you be my Best Man?”

bouquet of colored roses Rainbow rose handcraft colorful rainbow rose


Send a bouquet of flowers


Flowers are a simple, yet beautiful way to ask someone to be in your wedding party. Send them a pretty arrangement (perhaps including your wedding colors) with a card reading, “Will you be my Maid or Man of Honor?”


Host a game night

Do you want a fun and interactive way to tell your bridal party? Host everyone for a game night and include wedding-themed categories for games like Charades and Pictionary. At the end of the night, hand out “prizes” to everyone in the form of proposal kits.


Summer luggage, accessories, tablet

Ask with a luggage tag

Are you planning a destination wedding? Send out monogrammed luggage tags to your bridesmaids and add a note with, “Will you come on this journey with me?” This is the perfect useful gift for your wedding and years after!



Throw a themed movie night

If you love the idea of getting all your future bridesmaids together to ask, do it over a movie. Classics like Bridesmaids or 27 Dresses are perfect for occasions just like this!




Final thoughts

No matter how you ask, these moments lead to shared memories that last a lifetime between besties.  Cheers to you both and the memories ahead!