Treat Your Wedding Guests to the Food they Want

Couples and wedding guests love the comfort and novelty food trucks bring to a wedding. They are an affordable and trendy substitute for commonplace buffets or elegant sit-down dinners.  

 Couples are supporting their local small businesses and showcasing their personalities with the use of food trucks at their weddings. Not foregoing the creative and beautiful table decor, some couples are juxtaposing their elegant evening and exquisite table setting with the casual dining food. Allowing their guests to grab their food, then sit down at their decorated reception place.  

For couples that like the traditional idea of a lavish buffet or served meal, food trucks are a great way to spoil your guests with a late night snack. Think an Ice Cream Sandwich truck or late night sliders and fries! 

While food trucks at weddings still remain relatively rare, it’s a touch you and your wedding guests won’t forget!