Erin & Nachelle

" The power of love is that it sees all people. - DaShanne Stokes "

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Our Love Story

Nachelle and Erin, or as their friends call them, Rhino and Nacho, met at a locally owned restaurant, Trudy’s Lone star over 3 years ago. Nachelle was the manager and Erin was a server.

After a few conversations and met ups, they decided to go out and do something special to announce they were dating to their co-workers in the only way they know how- sing at a karaoke bar together and kiss!

Sparks have been flying ever since that day!

Besides being a very talented chef, Rhino is a hobbyist woodworker. The night that she wanted to propose to Nacho, she made a beautiful little box filled with burlap roses with the ring inside.

It was truly a family affair as we got ready for the nuptials hearten the two brides, Erin Ward and Nachelle Troxler. Cousins, and long-time friends Who flew in or drove got to the Venue, the Rabb House to set up tables, fill up ice, decorate and get everything looking amazing.

Everyone from the DJ to the makeup artist, to the hairstylists were all good friends with the Brides.

While Nacho got pretty, Rhino prepped the taco bar that she had catered herself for over 100 people! Instead of cakes, they made over a dozen different kinds of pie.

Everyone was waiting with anticipation in the outdoor amphitheater before they exchanged vows in the Texas sunset. The brass sextet, warmed up and got ready.

There was not even a seat left as the two brides walked down the aisles with their parents.

Instead of choosing to say their vows, they chose people in the audience to read them aloud for everyone to hear.

After the vows, the two kissed, hugged, and were finally wife and wife!

We mingled, hugged, danced, and had so much fun while the dance floor opened up. The two daughters had a daddy-daughter dance and decided to sing to each other the same song that they sang at the karaoke bar.

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Apparel:Old Navy//Cinema and Video: MA Media Group//Dress Designer: Dream Dressy//DIY or Handmade Goods Designer:Michael’s//Shoes:Rocket Dog//Band:boss street brass band – 2nd line band//Reception Venue: The Rabb house//Apparel:Etsy//Photographer: Virginia Photos and Films//