Joy & Ashley

" The power of love is that it sees all people. - DaShanne Stokes "

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Our Love Story

How we met
We meet online when Joy message Ashley asking her why she loves llamas so much!

The Proposal
The proposal happened when we went on a trip to California. We had a great day walking around a park. When we walked across a small waterfall. Once we sat down for a little bit Joy asked Ashley to marry her using a ring pop but then she pulled out the real ring! Ashley of course said yes!

Our Wedding Day
What we knew as two brides who like to think outside of the box, is that we did not want to do the typical wedding things.  We selected coral and blue for our wedding colors and one of our moms, who is an art teacher handmade nearly everything.  It was so special!

We selected silk flowers for the bride to hold and the bridesmaids held beautiful dream catchers as they walked down the aisle.  We wanted to select something that they could also keep forever and adorn their homes with as a great memory and a way to say thank you for being part of our lives.
We personalized our wedding day by using colorful smoke bombs as we walked down the isle at the end of our ceremony. We walked into the reception with our bridal party doing a fun dance move with hula hoops along with doing a mixing of tea for a ceremony, our twist on a wine blending ceremony.
A favorite moment of the day
One of Ashley’s favorite moments was when she was told to close her eyes and when she opened them a llama was standing right in front of her. It was her dream to have a llama come to the wedding. As she loves them! Joy’s favorite moment was celebrating and dancing with all of our friends and family.
Our Attire
Our wedding day attire was based on our own individual styles and personality.  We are both Female. One of the brides wore a long white dress with a touch of pink in it along with a crown. She wanted to look and feel like a princess on her special day. The other bride wore a blue fitted suit with a custom-made white brocade corset under it along with high heels.
Aisle Advice for other couples
“Make sure you put your needs first. Don’t be scared to do something because you think the guest will judge or not like it. It is your day. So put your own personal touch into the wedding.”

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DJ:CNT Entertainment//Reception Venue: The Waterview//Photographer: Anthony Tomassi Photography//