Miko and Colleen

" The power of love is that it sees all people. - DaShanne Stokes "

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Our Love Story

Miko and Colleen are married! YAY! These two are a case of love at first sight. When COVID hit, Miko and Colleen both were enrolled in a life coaching training program that took place over Zoom. This was a class with quite a few attendees and Colleen and Miko both noticed each other pretty much right away. They both captivated each other and started talking outside of the Zoom calls and pretty fast they released that they not only had found a new friend but the love of their lives. Colleen proposed to Miko and of course Miko said yes!

Since Miko and Colleen met during the life coaching training program, their teachers were so excited that they both found love and wanted to throw them the most perfect wedding. Their teacher offered up her beautiful home for their wedding and helped plan the whole day so Miko and Colleen could just sit back and relax! It was a gorgeous location and wedding. Marci Shimoff and Dr. Sue Morter, who are both world leaders in the transformation leadership growth community, were their officiants. It was the perfect day and was filled with white and pink details. Miko and Colleen loved being able to celebrate their love with their friends and family in their intimate wedding.

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Officiant: Dr. Sue Morter//Officiant: Marci Shimoff//Bakery: Classic Cakes//Floral Designer: McNamara Florist//Photographer: Jasmine Norris Photography//