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When you listen to the Lesbians In Love podcast you’ll get real talk for Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Queer women in relationships with women. Learn how to navigate challenges, get juicy inspiration for date nights, and hear from guest experts on everything from planning your wedding, to parenting and spicing up your sex life. Hosted by love coaches and partners in life and love, Meghan Neeley & Erika Cederdahl. To have your question or topic idea featured in an episode please email hello@lesbiansinlove.com

xo Meghan & Erika

004: The Power of Play

So many of us have been told that ‘this is serious’ attitude is the only way to get things done. We’re going to challenge that belief, and share with you how creativity and play can lead to innovative ideas to solve issues and get sh*t done while enjoying yourself!

003: Changing Outdated Patterns

Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut? Are you ready to change it up? Tune into this episode to hear our personal story of how we changed some things in our lives to support us where we are now. Tune in and receive a Love Amplifier Action that will assist you in creating new dynamic in your relationship to match what you want!

002: Queers in Quarantine

Has quarantine got you and your beloved going a little stir crazy? Tune into this episode and get a few tips to support you and your lover in staying happy and connected during these times.

001: We're Here, We're Queer.

Here it is, season two of Lesbians in Love! We are back and committed to bringing you the content and support you love and deserve, so stay tuned for another juicy season! We’ll be sharing with you what we’ve been up to since Season One and we’ll invite you to join us over at Queer Empowerment.

Season 1

010: (Interview) 'Beauty of Conflict for Couples' Authors and Coaches CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

Interview with authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, and partners CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke. Tune into this amazing episode where we talk about their latest book ‘Beauty of Conflict For Couples’. You’ll gain insight into some amazing relationships and paradigm-shifting wisdom. You don’t want to miss this one!cc

09: 'Not a Phase' Interview With Lucy Laforge AKA Lucy & La Mer's

In this episode we interview Singer and LGBTQ Activist Lucy Laforge. Tune into this soulful conversation where we talk about gender, sexuality, love, and breaking through the binary way of thinking.

08: 'Sum of Us' Interview With Festival Visionary Madison Eker

In this episode we interview Madison Eker. She is the mastermind behind the first Wellness Festival for Womxn, Trans, & Non-Binary Folx. Tune in and listen in on this inspiring conversation about what’s possible in community, wellness, and LGBTQ+ leadership.

07: Love Amplifier : Gratitude

This episode we talk about one subject that holds so much power to transform, expand, and heal; gratitude. It’s also one of our favorite tools to have in our back pockets. Tune into this episode to learn a gratitude practice to enhance your intimate connection. Ignite Lasting Love Retreat https://bit.ly/2S9cYMC Private Facebook Group http://bit.ly/lilgroup Music Sarah Gettys www.sarahgettys.com Instagram @sarahgettysmusic

06: Queer Love Stories: Interview with Gabi & Shanna of 27travels

In this episode we interview couple Gabi & Shanna. These two women are travel extraordinaires, and have created an epic travel log of their journey around the world with their videos and on IG as ’27travels’. Check out this episode to get hot travel tips, inspiration, and see how accessible LGBTQ travel can be. 27travels IG: @27travels Youtube: https://bit.ly/2YmDeq2 Hawaii Retreat https://bit.ly/2S9cYMC FB Group http://bit.ly/lilgroup Music www.sarahgettys.com IG @sarahgettysmusic

05: Season of Love' Interview with Director & Tello Films Founder Chistin Baker

In this episode we interview the Director and Founder Christin Baker of Tello Films, the unapologetically Queer women film Network. Tune into this episode to hear about all things queer from love, women, representation, and hear us gush over her women love filled holiday film ‘Season of Love’. www.seasonoflovemovie.com www.tellofilms.com Hawaii Retreat https://bit.ly/2S9cYMC Private FB Group http://bit.ly/lilgroup Music www.sarahgettys.com IG @sarahgettysmusic

04: The Engagement Episode!!

Need we say more?? Yes!! We’re engaged, and we can’t wait to tell you our story! Tune into this episode to get all the juicy details of how life threw us a curveball, the Universe conspired in our favor, and we both said ‘I do.’ Ignite Lasting Love Retreat https://bit.ly/2S9cYMC Private Facebook Group http://bit.ly/lilgroup Music Sarah Gettys www.sarahgettys.com Instagram @sarahgettysmusic

03: Sacred Sexy Solo Time

This episode we talk about something that can bring a renewed sense of sexy, self, and vitality to your relationship; sacred sexy solo time. Tune into to hear how this can bring a whole other level of sexy and connection into your relationship. Receive a Love Amplifier Action to support you in achieving next level love.

02: Honoring Completion

In this episode we talk about honoring completions, and the feelings that arise when things come to an end. We share some personally stories around getting complete, and teach a meditation to help collect all of you so you can be fully present where you are, and where you are going. find us at: https://www.queerempowerment.com/

01: Discover Your Authentic Turn ON

In this episode, we talk about how to stoke the fire to your authentic turn on. We share one of our practices that will light up your life, your connection with your beloved, and to yourself. We’ll give you a Love Amplifier Action that will set you up for so much juiciness in your life, so get ready!

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